Friday, 11 January 2008

Back by Popular Demand...

Gonzo Moose presents You Don't Need To Know That!

An ordinary man who minds his own business awakes one morning to find a police inspector at the foot of his bed. Unaware of his crime, he is plunged into a shadowy world full of incompetent policemen, over zealou torturers, bemused judges, senile prison guards and lecherous inmates. You Don't Need To Know That... is the story of one man trying to prove his innocence in impossible circumstances. Will he triumph against petty bureaucracy, corrupt officials, treachery, danger and death?

Inspired by Kafka's The Trial, You Don't Need To Know That... is an exhilarating collision of comedy, drama, slapstick and puppetry. Gonzo Moose create a hilarious, ludicrous and disturbingly anarchic world where anything can happen and frequently does.

Tuesday 5th February
Tickets £6 adults, £5 students. Email me to reserve yours now!

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