Thursday, 5 July 2012

Guest Review: The Epilogue

On Wednesday Night, the Yr10 BTEC Theatre Company 'Two Face', produced two contrasting pieces of devised drama from their original scripted piece "The Grey Angel" which they performed back in February.  The original play was about Elizabeth Fry, one of England's key prisoner reformers and was set in Newgate Prison.
The first group (Tonya Greenhill, Heather Buchanan & Stephen Sullivan) sensitively explored the fortunes of what happened to two sisters after they were released from prison and portrayed this in the style of a "Who Do You Think You Are?" documentary. The second group (Naomi Kemp, Amy Broadfoot, Lucy Phelps) took inspiration from one of our regular professional theatre companies 'Gonzo Moose' and came up with a very witty spoof entitled "I'm a Dying Prisoner, Get Me Out of Here!".
It's great to see the impact live theatre has on our students and I'm really pleased to see them striving to achieve their best each time they perform.
- Mrs Stimson

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