Friday, 27 January 2012

Waiting for Dave

Last night, the Bradon Forest Theatre audience were treated to the first ever public performance by In For a Penny Theatre Company. The young company consists of three friends who met at studying Drama at the University of Aberystwyth; Adam Elliott, who plays Peter, David Reeves playing Chris and Philippa Bradfield who directed the piece.

'Waiting for Dave' has been devised by the three over just two weeks of intensive rehearsals. The story is based roughly on the play 'Waiting for Godot'. Two actors turn up to the first rehearsal for the play. But alas! There is no director. They then spend the next hour amusing themselves with various props and costumes while they 'wait for Dave'.

There was a variety of amusing characters, including a pirate, a dancer and an obnoxious father who are all created to help the 'detective' character find out what has happened to Dave. The two actors incorporated some comical physicality which really engaged the audience in to the story. I particularly enjoyed the 'hat-off' and 'dance-off'. Everyone loves a good dance-off!

There was only one element that I think I would change and that was the audience participation towards the end. With a strong Gonzo Moose and Publick Transport influence on the exaggerated characters, you can see why the devising process ended up going down that road, but I think that as the play was set in a rehearsal, it wasn't really appropriate to bring the actual audience in to the piece. A small point to make on what was otherwise a very enjoyable piece, especially when you remember the short amount of time it took to create!

Philippa is working with our Drama Club to create a new piece of drama for public performance in May. Watch this space!

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