Thursday, 6 October 2011

Do you fancy a delightfully different form of Friday night entertainment?

Then come and watch Curious Company's 'Dr Russet's Travelling Medicine Show' on Friday 14th October.

Some of you may remember Marie-Lou Flexen who has not only performed in the theatre before (Better Red than Dead, a Little Red Riding Hood tale) but has also worked with our students to create 'In The Ring', the special dance for The Big Top Festival.

If you made it to the Big Arts Day at Lydiard Park this year, you may also have seen the company perform their Alice in Wonderland piece.

Dr Dusty Russet, purveyor of Russet's Homespun Wonder Tonics has arrived in town with his all-singing all-dancing troupe The Ballyhoo Allstars. Together they demonstrate the efficacy of his miracle elixirs with some nifty song and dance numbers inspired by the folk, blues and jazz musicians of depression era rural America. So step up and let Dr Russet and his companions work their magic. Guaranteed it's good for what ails you!

Show starts at 7.30pm with a performance by a cast of our GCSE students of their hilarious version of a medicine show. The whole evening is only an hour long! Tickets are just £5.50 for students and £6.50 for adults.

For a little taster of the work of Curious Company, watch this clip from Camp Bestival.

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