Thursday, 28 April 2011

BTEC Students pack out local Riffs Bar

Our Music BTEC students hosted a great performance night at our local live music venue, Riffs Bar. The group of seven students had to organise the evening as part of their course, including booking the venue, selling tickets and publicising the event, whilst also rehearsing their own set list!

The gig was held on Wednesday 6th April and was a complete sellout. Tickets were £2.50 in advance or £3 on the door. With all proceeds going to charity, the group made £300 and have chosen to donate it all to Cancer Research UK.

They also booked 3 other bands from other local schools to make a four band line-up - that's value for money!
  • This Way Up - New young cover band whose main influence is Paramore.
  • The Unknowns - Bradon Forest BTEC group performing classic covers.
  • Frosted Teacakes
  • Beyond the Break
Miss Hedges, The Unknown's music teacher, said; "I'm so proud of the students! All their hard work in organising the event really paid off and it was a truly successful evening, enjoyed by all."
Andy Pett, the manager at Riffs, commented; "Well done. Let me know if your students want to perform again in the future as we'd be happy to have you back!"

A big congratulations to Callum Brocks, Jay Cowsell, Vicky Edgerton, Andy Edwards, Josh Griggs-Burton, Rhianne Groom and Luke Robotham.

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Jessica Harper said...

BTech students. Boy I remember those days!