Thursday, 24 March 2011

Humpty Review

The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty
We had such lovely comments in from staff and students alike, it seemed a shame not to include them in the regular review. It speaks volumes! Congratulations to the cast and crew alike. You should be proud.

"The students performance reflected the dedication of Miss Parsloe in producing and performing such a high quality piece. I really enjoyed it!" Miss Moore

"Amazing depth to the story line. I have to say its so interesting as I have always watched the drama from the students character perspective i.e. Terry Dumpton, but now I'm getting older I was really flabbergasted by Charlotte Fisher's performance - she conveyed the pressures of being a working mum and worrying about your kids fantastically! She got the frustration across really well. Lewis was excellent as Terry. I'm glad he is the fantastic students he is, as I would have believed he was that "teenager" that he portrayed! It was great to see Sophie performing and singing. I wish I had her courage to do that. People automatically think if you can stand up and talk professionally in front of an audience you can do things like drama - but I couldn't do that! The tension created by the gang was also definitely in the air. It got the point where Charles reminded me of the really good evil characters in CSI NY (sorry only one of those that I watch!) His smirking evil stare whilst the music was going and being questioned by the police reminded me of that and I think that's a tall order to achieve." Miss Mazelin 

"The performance was amazing and I wouldn't have missed it! I called out to Lewis before the start of the performance worried (as his tutor) that he looked petrified! Only to discover that's what he was supposed to look like that and I could stop worrying for him! Charlie....OMG! If I ever catch him acting like that around school he is in trouble. That was incredible! Ross was convincing in his termoil, he really shines within his drama. I could comment similarly on all the other performers I saw. I have used the programme from last night to get my tutees autographs. I thoroughly enjoyed my night!"
Miss Marshall

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