Thursday, 2 December 2010

Guest review - The Miracle Well

The Miracle Well
"Wow… Guess that’s just about all I can say. It was acted out brilliantly and there was always something happening. Polly's life certainly seemed to be exciting as she was travelling between the two worlds and having to save them both and when The Mad were around I couldn’t help but see resemblance from how they are, and how some of my friends are.

The audience where involved with it all the way through, Mary Theresa was talking to the audience and we were handed leaflets inviting us to attend an election. There wasn’t a chance to get bored during this performance!

Having not watched Mary Theresa’s Cupboard I was worried I wouldn’t understand The Miracle Well but it explained all I needed to know. This was interesting as it could make it a separate performance, that doesn’t need Mary Theresa’s Cupboard before it. It was appreciated that all was explained though.

I have only one nitpick… the sound effects and background music were very loud and occasionally you couldn’t hear the conversations on stage. You heard a few words every now and again but nothing more. But other than that it was amazing and I would definitely recommend others go and see it."

- Vicky Edgerton

You still have two more opportunities to catch this great show! We have a few tickets left for tonight and tomorrow. Show starts at 7.30pm and runs until approximately 9pm including an interval. Refreshments available.

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