Monday, 1 December 2008

Guest Blogger: Schmoozing!

Wow - Our premiere - amazing. Was initially touched by all the Emails, cards, texts and phone calls I received wishing me luck and all the best for our official opening night and run of the show and from the vibe I got when I got into the theatre I think all the other cast members had their fair share of best wishes as well!

Our premiere of Caught in the Net sold out, and had a large section of invited audience such as Friends of the theatre, local council, Arts people, Sponsors and that kind of thing.

So...on with the show. We did a good run, but found the audience a little bit of a tough cookie to begin with, but once the play got into it's full farce swing they soon warmed up and were clapping, laughing and cheering with the best of them!
As we entered the stage for the walk down the whole cast were greeted with bunches of flowers and people congratulating us on such a great performance. Which kind of threw our walk down routine but I think we were forgiven! Was really touched that so many people thought so highly of our play. After they eventually stopped clapping we went to change and on to the theatre bar for schmoozing! We were greeted as soon as we entered with all sorts of people wanting to speak to us. I've never experienced anything like that before. One lady even asked me to sign her programme!

Throughout the evening we had all sorts of feedback, thankfully all positive with some very kind comments such as "One of the best things I've seen at the English Theatre of Hamburg." And Baring in mind the Theatre has been running for over 30 years I find that very flattering. Another being "Funniest show I've ever seen." - Well, what can I say?...we try our best.
After a few, then a few more G&T's and a piece of Sushi or two the crowds started to fade and left the cast of Caught in the Net to basque in our own magnificence of a job well done. - I could get used to this.

So...Rehearsals are done. Previews have finished and the Premiere was a sell-out success. Only thing left now is the run of the show. 9 weeks of Caught In The Net and nine weeks of Gavin Smith.
Bring it on....

PS - Good luck to the cast and crew for School for Scandal and The Venetian Twins!