Thursday, 27 March 2008


Does anyone remember the fanzine? Being an 80's girl I vaguely remember them, and I think even have recollections of making a one off issue for Bros...

Well, the reason I bring it up is because I'm working on ideas for the next season's brochure for the theatre. The first year I was at Bradon I slightly re-jigged the old brochure format to mimic pages from an exercise book. Then I added all the events to a digital pinboard here and here. I liked the way that the promotion of the professional theatre still strongly linked back to school, as a lot of the productions are put on by the students as well as professional companies.

I'm now thinking that the fanzine style is the way to go for the next season and have been doing a bit of research. I'd love to include original artwork on a few of the pages so have posted a competition on the school website. If you're a Bradon Forest Student and have some sketches you'd like to enter a piece (or pieces) for consideration then email me or come and see me in the arts office!

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